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Never stop believing

This has been the worst start to the year I can remember in all my seven years of running my company.


Budgets have been slashed, projects have been shelved and the freelance workforce has swelled with redundant staffers all looking to undercut and outplay everyone. Including me.


It’s been so hard at times to make it through another month. I’ve had to sell equipment and personal possessions to pay the bills and even then, it’s never enough. When will it end? Who is to blame? How did it come to this? All questions I have asked, and with answers in even shorter supply than the next commission, what can any of us do?


Keep on creating, that’s what. Throughout all this despair and dirge, the creative instinct needs to be nourished. It’s vital. Because the work will come back and when it does, we need to be ready.


I have been shooting a new series of landscapes for a book I will self-publish. I have been teaching groups of amateurs how to take better pictures. And I have been having fun pushing myself out of my comfort zone and learning how to play guitar.


It’s all a distraction from the toxicity of self-doubt, of course, and it won’t pay the mortgage. But it’s a needed deviation and necessary to remind myself of that all-important three-word mantra all freelance creatives live by, including me.


Never stop believing.

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